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Organizing your Storage Buildings for Better Overall Efficiency

Posted by on May 16, 2012

Many homeowners have a habit of pitching items into their storage buildings rather than putting things away neatly. The result is that lawn and garden equipment can be damaged or broken in the process. You could also end up buying things you need simply because you cannot find them. Organizing your storage shed is the key to ending this dilemma, but requires a great deal of effort initially.
The first step toward organizing your storage building is to remove everything from it. This allows you to group items into like categories so you can better decide where to store them. While doing so, it can be a good idea to make a pile of things you would like to throw away or donate to charity.
Once you have everything in piles, decide what to place where. Think about how often you use certain items and their size when making this determination. You may want to hang certain things such as shovels and rakes along the wall, while other items might best be placed on a shelf. Try to visualize your shed with all the items inside it in order to get a mental picture of what it might look like.
Now that the shed is empty, clean it thoroughly before replacing your items. Knock down any cobwebs with a broom and then sweep and mop the floor thoroughly. Now might also be a good opportunity to spray the inside of the shed with insect repellent or place mousetraps in certain corners of the storage building.
If you need to acquire new shelving, pegboard, or storage containers, go ahead and buy them before you start putting things back inside the building. While this may seem time-consuming to do, it can nonetheless save you a great deal of time later because you will not need to go back and organize your items again.
Label each drawer or container with the type of product found inside it. It can also be a good idea to draw a miniature diagram of your newly organized space and then place it on the inside of the shed’s door. That way, you can refer to it in the event you forget where you have placed something. Having a well-organized storage shed can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment for some time to come.

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