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Storage Sheds

Posted by on June 1, 2012

If you live in a mobile home community one of the biggest issues you may have is storage. Mobile homes have improved in quality over the years but unfortunately not in terms of storage. Typically mobile homes are not placed on foundations but rather on a cement pad. This means there is no basement to store your seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, rakes and gardening tools and all of that “stuff” we tend to accumulate over the years. This leads to the question, what do I do with my stuff when I’m not using it. Chances are you’re not going to want to keep your holiday decorations up year round. And you can’t keep your lawn mower in your living room. It’s just not very attractive. So what do you do with those things that you need to have access to? If you own your mobile home you most likely plan to be there for an indefinite amount of time. Renting a storage unit nearby is an option but when you look at the average price of a storage unit and times that by even five years it can be quite pricey to store your $300 lawnmower in a unit that can realistically cost you over $5000 in a five year period. This leads to the question, Should I lease or buy storage space?

The answer to this problem can be rent to own storage buildings.

They are convenient for several reasons. First they are in your yard, not at a facility you need to drive to. So when your neighbor is complaining that your grass is too long you can simply walk to your storage shed and pull out your lawn mower rather then having to drive somewhere and dig through a storage unit to retrieve it. Second with the rent to own option you can pay off your shed over the course of three years with monthly payments depending on the unit you select. That means if you decide to live in your mobile home for the next fifteen years you own your shed outright in a short period of time. If you were to decide to sell your mobile home after you pay off your storage shed you could opt to take it with you or include it in the price of the mobile home for the buyers. Our rent to own option can be done with no credit check and also no fear should you have financial difficulties. If for whatever reason you are unable to pay for your storage shed you can make a phone call and it will be picked up. It can also be paid off at anytime so if you happen to come across extra money, either through an income tax return or however you can pay it off and own it that much sooner.

Sheds can be built in sizes from 8×12 up to 12×32. You will want to check with your community to see if you need any permits or if they have certain size requirements. You may also want to check if your shed needs to match your mobile home as this is a requirement within some communities. Our sheds are available in a variety of paint colors and shingle colors. We offer painted, treated and metal sided buildings so you have plenty of choices. We offer free delivery and convenient customer service.

So if you’re running out of room and are tired of not having someplace dry to keep your lawnmower and all of your other important yard tools then contact us

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